The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges. Our priority remains the health, safety and welfare of our personnel, clients, colleagues and the wider public.

As part of our Business Continuity Resilience Plan, we have moved to reduced / home working practices for all our personnel, for the foreseeable future. We have curtailed all non-emergency inspections, meetings and assignments, as many of our partners, clients, contractors and service providers have taken the decision to close, reduce their operations, or are self-isolating. Royal Mail services also continue to be impacted, and we are experiencing significant delays both issuing and receiving static post.

For the safety and security of our personnel, and to comply with the provisions of Track and Trace; all responsive site visits are subject to risk assessments, which may result in property visits / services being withdrawn cancelled or rearranged. Further, we are no longer offering inspections or on site services, for areas where our personnel can only access locations by public transport or areas where the  Reproduction (R) growth rate or estimate rate exceeds 1%.

During this period our telephone response will be reduced, and we ask that you use our website Contact Form to enquire about our services.

We will acknowledge your communication, as soon as we are able (depending on the availability of our emergency or on call personnel).

Where we have agreed to provide a remote service (at your home or place of business), if you or anyone in your household / workplace is displaying signs of COVID-19 illness, or if you are aware that anyone is symptomatic or asymptomatic, has recently undergone any testing for a communicable disease, then please immediately make our office aware, as we may have to defer or reschedule a service.

As part of our risk assessment, our personnel are issued with protective safety and security equipment including PPE and have been trained and instructed to maintain a safe distance throughout inspections. Furthermore, we ask all external contractors, suppliers and partners to ensure they use appropriate PPE.

Please ensure that you maintain social distancing during inspections and for offices or domestic properties, where possible leave (garden) doors and windows open to ventilate properties.

We will do whatever we can to support you at this time, and will ensure that we respond to any queries or questions, as soon as practical. If you need us to make some adjustments to the way that we provide our services to you, we will do all that we reasonably and practically can, to support your request.

We anticipate that in the autumn and winter months that further travel restrictions or local lockdowns may also be imposed on an area basis. However, we will continue to review the situation and follow UK Government policy and guidance, along with World Health Organization (WHO) advice as appropriate.

#StaySafe | #StayStrong | #Public Health#